Mizpa Trading has established many contacts around the world to provide our customers with the best products at the lowest prices. Below is a list of high end products we offer.

Brazilian Clay Colonial Roof Tiles (natural or colored)Mizpa Trading
Mexican Clay Colonial Roof Tiles (Mediteranian, California styles)

Furniture exclusivelly made for the islands (Island Living Design)
Mexican Cement Roof Tiles (Mediteranian, California styles)
American Cement Roof Tiles (Natural or many other styles)
Brazilian Drywall (standard, humid protected, fire resistant and many other styles to fit your specific needs)
Brazilian Tile Cement, Mortar, Joint sealant and Waterproofing
Brazilian Floor and Wall Ceramics (Porcelanto, Glazed, Rectified etc...)
Brazilian Windows (Brazilian design mostly Aluminium and wood)
Brazilian Windows (European design of PVC, Aluminium and Wood)

Other Products also available
Bathroom: toilets, Sink, faucets, jacuzzi's, showers, boilers and many other (Brazil)
Landscaping: Tavertine, Flagstones, Cantera, Marble, Saltillo and many other stones (Mexico)
Cement sculptures: pillars, fountain, fireplaces and many more (Mexico)
Complete granit counter tops (Brazil)